‘Rendezvous’ and ‘Autumn’

2 poems in Literary Voice Journal March 2019 issue


Schrödinger’s Cat

I am:

Because, in this blind universe,

You see me.

– Shabnam Kaur

(Poem from my book ‘Almost Love Poems’)

(Picture: Gwen and Kevin from Ben Ten: Alien Force, Cartoon Network)

Haiku Chain

Tied wings clipped feather

By feather, watching other

Birds flock together,

What will I say to

You, the architect of my

Isolation, when

I have lost the sound

Of my song in the pit of

My deepest stomach.

The door of the cage

Was always open. It was

A look in your eyes,

A tone of your voice,

Imagined purgatory

That held me in hell.

– Shabnam Kaur

(Picture Courtesy: PicsArt)