Traum: Dreaming in Verse

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क्या है जो ख़ूबसूरत चेहरों से जुड़ी गर्दनें झुका देता है? अजीब सा शब्द है ‘आत्मविष्वास’, और कुछ असम्भव सा, उनके लिए जो परिचित हैं ‘आत्म’ की सनक, भंगुरता और नि:सारता से।

‘Traum: Dreaming in Verse’

My poetry chapbook ‘Traum: Dreaming in Verse’ is now available on To buy a copy please visit

This will be my last book of poems for a while. I think I’ve cathartised and exorcised just enough of my poetic demons, and I’m good for now. 😄 Let them now haunt you, dear reader. 👻 I want to give a shoutout to everyone who has inspired or supported my poetry in any way. I hope you will continue to buy my books and read my poems, and to be enthused, unhinged, galvanised, scandalised, unfurled, underwhelmed or metamorphosed by them!

– Shabnam